Painted Amber

kimber_hansen-38Not so long ago we spent nearly every week night with these two. We’d ride our bikes down the dimly lit streets of Logan to our second home, the Rock Haus. And when our chalk covered fingers couldn’t give anymore we would find our way to Smith’s and buy these odd but refreshing carbonated drinks in tall slender bottles at 2 for a $1. Since those carefree nights during undergrad we’ve road tripped across the desert, been stormed off of the Grand Tetons, spent Valentine’s ice climbing in Bozeman, had late night conversations around camp fires, gone ghost hunting in a cemetery (an unsuccessful endeavor), and been separated by post graduate education. This past year Nate and I have had the fortune of crossing paths with Brody and Kylee more regularly and I was able to quickly photograph them during a crisp autumn sunset in Oakland. My sister has only met these two once (a few years ago), but every time I tell her about a recent adventure we’ve had with them I pause to remind her who they are and she says “Yeah, yeah, Brody and Ky! They’re so nice…” They truly are an unforgettable duo, and “so nice” is just one of the reasons why they’re so lovable. I hope that our futures will be kind to us so that we can live close by once again. Brod and Ky, we love you two like family and we really won’t have it any other way than having you live with us in Bozeman, on our millions of acres, having millions of adventures, and drinking strange drinks with chalky hands.


kimber_hansen-39 kimber_hansen-1 kimber_hansen-33 kimber_hansen-7 kimber_hansen-6 kimber_hansen-4


kimber_hansen-10 kimber_hansen-9 kimber_hansen-36 kimber_hansen-41kimber_hansen-42 kimber_hansen-30 kimber_hansen-43kimber_hansen-35kimber_hansen-37

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