With Much Love

custom year in review holiday cards with stamps and custom envelopes

I started the tradition of custom designing our Christmas cards back in 2011, and this year I admitted to my husband, Nate, that it’s possibly one of my favorite things I do in preparation for the holidays. I absolutely adore typography, and with my extreme inability to make decisions in an acceptable time frame and without experiencing serious heart palpitations (in my perfect world, choices would be likened to an In-N-Out menu), this  fascination is a love/hate relationship considering the number of font options available.  If I lost hours of my life choosing the fonts for this particular card, I’ll never tell. Nerdy design mumbo-jumbo aside, 2012 was a wonderful year. We cannot express how grateful we are for all the love and support we are given from our families and friends. Many, many thanks to all of my wonderful clients who gave me the opportunity to get to know them and to tell their stories through my photography. Our love to you all and best wishes for 2013!

custom photography christmas cards a year in review

custom designed holiday cards a year in review

a year in review custom photography holiday and christmas cards

custom photography holiday cards a year in review with matching envelopes

unique custom designed holiday cards


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